Nature, Nurture and the Unknowable

Date Published 05.27.14


According to his now-infamous manifesto, Elliot Rodger was inspired to attend school in Santa Barbara after he saw the movie Alpha Dog. He thought the kids in that movie seemed like they were having a lot of fun. Alpha Dog, based on a true story, is about young, low-level drug dealers in the LA area who kidnap and then murder a child after taking him up to Santa....

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Crowd Sourcing a Wisconsin Cold Case

Date Published 05.19.14

Cold cases are solved everyday through advancements in forensic science, but they can also get a boost from a tool most of us now take for granted: the Internet. When Barbara Nelson, 34, was abducted on August 5, 1982 from the convenience store where she worked in Albion, Wisconsin the case received a great deal of attention from the local news, but back then that’s where stories....

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A Guest Post: The Felix Vail Case

Date Published 04.07.14


After a decade spent researching serial murder, Enzo Yaksic founded the Serial Homicide Expertise and Information Sharing Collaborative. Enzo and his team contributed their expertise to the investigation of Felix Vail, 74, as a serial murder suspect.


Five decades before Louisiana became the setting for Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective, the bayou....

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The Psychopath at the Next Register

Date Published 03.16.14

On the morning of March 12, 2011 Dan Morse walked up to a Lululemon store in suburban Washington D.C. and began taking notes. Lululemon is an upscale chain store that sells yoga clothes and gear, but Morse wasn’t interested in their $150 running jackets. The yellow crime-scene tape strung across the front door is what brought him there.

Morse covers criminal justice for the....

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Date Published 03.01.14

Sometimes a book finds you at the perfect time. Right now, for me, that book is Criminal Investigative Failures by D. Kim Rossmo, a Canadian criminologist who specializes in geographic profiling. “What we remember depends on what we believe.” That line has batted around my head for days. It helps explain why the retired detective and the victim I interviewed have such....

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Patton Oswalt: Why I quit Twitter\u2014and will again: via @TIMEIdeas
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