Date Published 11.30.09
Quick update before a longer post.  I wrote about Justin Patrick Welch here

Welch was suspected of killing Kimberly Smith, 39, who was found bound and stabbed in her home in Oconomowoc, Wisc. on Oct. 1, after his DNA and fingerprints were found on gloves and a knife.  Welch, who lived in California, had a criminal record but no clear ties to Smith. 

That seemed odd, because the motive didn't appear to be robbery or sexual assault.  And it didn't appear to be a random act of violence either --- Welch had been seen casing Smith's house the morning of her murder. 

Smith had contentious, ongoing child custody issues with her ex-boyfriend, Darren Wold, 41, who lived in Lubbock, Texas.  But Wold had an alibi for the murder --- he was in Lubbock at the time --- and he maintained he didn't know Welch.  Detectives couldn't put Wold and Welch together.

Something about the case reminded me of the murder of Sheila Bellush, the mother of quadruplet toddlers who was shot and stabbed to death by young thugs hired by her angry ex-husband.  I suspected there would eventually be a link between Welch and Wold.

Turns out there was.  Apparently Wold's longtime friend Jack E. Johnson, 65, was the middleman between the two; though investigators don't know yet exactly how Johnson knows Welch, they uncovered a trail of phone calls, money transfers and airline tickets between the three.  The three men have been arrested and are charged with conspiring to kill Smith.

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