Destiny Found

Date Published 07.24.06

Tonight it was announced that the body of missing 5-year-old Destiny Norton of Salt Lake City has been found. Destiny went missing from her yard eight days ago. No one saw her go; no one heard her cry. Even bloodhounds couldn't pick up her scent. Rachael Norton, Destiny's mother, was quoted as saying it was like her daughter had been sucked up into the clear blue sky.

Aliens from outer space would probably have been kinder to her than the real culprit - the guy next door. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Craig Roger Gregerson, 20, was arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail tonight on suspicion of homicide. He was hiding Destiny's body in his basement.

Who is Craig Roger Gregerson? Very little is known right now. True Crime Diary did a blog search on his name and noticed he was mentioned lovingly about a year ago in a now defunct blog belonging to someone named "Cadie." The link to the blog was broken, but the search engine published a few intriguing lines.
Tomrow I get a break from being a mommy for just a day, Craig is taking Lilly down to Orem so he cant cut his hair at his parents house ... Lillian Aylnn Gregerson. and I love you Craig Roger Gregerson *Mauhs* Cadie
It seems Gregerson has a young daughter, Lilly, with a woman named Cadie. Interesting. Luckily, Cadie is an unusual name. Doing a google search on "Cadie Utah" brings up a MySpace page for Cadiesworld.

Cadie's profile says she is 22 and married. There are many references to her delight as a mother to 1-year-old Lilly, but her marriage to Craig appears troubled. On Saturday, July 8, just a week before Destiny was kidnapped, Cadie described her current mood as "sad."
9:10 AM - Sadness.... The Man I love is in love with yet another women My heart sits here in Broken Pieaces and shattered on the ground. I love him so much and would Do anything for him yet hes in love with another. Lord why does nothing go good for me My life has been shooting downhill Alot since he started Talking to her he hasnt even met her and He is in Love with her. Should I kick him to the Crub or should I belive what he says to me? He says he loves me and hes not in love with her, He tells me it will all be over soon and I will soon be his again if I just try harder. We made a deal I told him I would start behaving if he started treating me with respect I have yet to see this happened. The past few days Ive been sick and needed his help he hasnt helped me Lies betrayle and Pain heart ack and Sadness fill my heart Maybe one day he will see this but intill then My life is full of sadness and Theres no hope till he agrees to stop talking to this Homeweaker ( thats my little nickname for her)
Cadie's friends don't seem to think very highly of Craig. From Hannah:
I have my opinions of your situation...and your husband but I'll refrain from sharing them here.
From Sally:
I'm sorry you are going through this Cadie. It has got to be so hard. I have some thoughts about your "husband" too and I am going to guess that they are probably similar to Hannah's. Stay strong.
It looks like Cadie did stay strong. On Saturday, July 15, just one day before Destiny was abducted, Cadie writes that her current mood is "grateful" and that she's feeling tough.
Well I found out Thanks to My BIL She knows everything!! Thanks Jeremy!!! And she dropped him, He has desided that He does want to work things out and Im thinking of Accepting it, He chose this not me he came to me and asked me not me Makes me feel better to know this..... I told him if I do deisded to He will have to understand Internet is No longer a right its a previalge ( due to his little act and me paying for it) He also knows he touches me or Hurts me I would KICK him out So fast His head would SPIN!!!! I wont put up with anymore people PUSHING ME around!! Its going to STOP!!!!
It seems like Craig's brother, Jeremy, Cadie's brother-in-law or "BIL," told Cadie about Craig's faltering romance with another woman. Cadie mentions in the first post that Craig hasn't even met the woman he's in love with; in the following one, she alludes to the Internet and keeping an eye on Craig's use of it. It's possible Craig's romance was entirely cyber-based. At this point, the day before Destiny disappears, Craig has been dumped by his new infatuation and is being rejected by his wife. Worse, Cadie's friends are encouraging her to be strong. From Cadie's friend Hannah:
Good for you, standing up for yourself! :)
For someone used to being in control this double dose of rejection would have been a leveling blow. Criminal profilers often refer to "precipating stressors" when analyzing criminal behavior. Stressors, like losing a job, girlfriend, or wife, destabilize the criminal and fuel his rage. On July 15, Craig's wife Cadie was telling the world she wasn't going to take his abuse anymore.

The next day, Sunday, July 16, 5-year-old Destiny Norton went into her yard to play around 8:30 p.m. The Nortons yard is reportedly adjacent to Craig Gregerson's. Ten minutes later Destiny's parents called her in for dinner. She was gone.

Meanwhile, Cadie seemed to vacillate in her feelings for Craig. Their daughter Lilly turned one on July 21, and Cadie reminisced about the birth.
Current mood: happy
Well today is Lillys birthday tech its at 1151 AM I cant belive my baby is a year old :( I was in the hospital one year ago today trying to handle the Contractions and Dealing with alot of stress with some people LILLY came and she was such a Cute baby Craig cried for the first time EVER!!! and she was 8 lb 6 oz and 21 inches long!! Im having such a nice party for her LILLY STOP growing up!!!!
Cadie mentions Craig, even if it's to note with disbelief that he cried for the first time in his life at the birth of his daughter. But things get really fascinating on one of Cadie's MySpace friend's blogs - specifically, the blog of an 18-year-old guy named Ian who seems to be Cadie's brother. Their posts to each other mention their "family" and they seem to banter with the ease and irritation of siblings. On Sunday, July 23, Ian rants about his sister and her "soon to be ex husband's family."
My sister is a BITCH!!! (stronger words intended)
Ok. So my nieces first b-day was friday! And guess what. No one on my sisters side of the family was invited! NO! She only invited her soon to be ex husbands family. One of which is a pedophile! My family is not allowed to see Lilly no matter how much stuff we do for my sister! My family has done WAY more shit for her then her husband and his family. They are lazy assholes, and his mother is a CUNT! There I said it! That's how I feel. And Cadie, get off your high horse, and stop being so selfish. You are only pissing this family off even more. And it's no secrect the everyone in this family...includeing Grandma and Cherish doesn't like you. Get over it and let me see my fucking neice!
"One of which is a pedophile" is the most striking comment, for obvious reasons. Who does Ian think is a pedophile, and what connection, if any, does it have with the abduction of Destiny Norton? Is Craig repeating abuse he witnessed in his own family, or is he the pedophile to whom Ian refers?

The public will learn more about Craig Gregerson in the days to come. Glimpses reveal a tough young man who relished power and control and who was experiencing an erosion of that power in the days before Destiny's abduction. His extra-marital romance had burned out. His wife, once submissive, was standing up to him and may have already moved out of the house. These impressions are gleaned from the records of the people around him; the man himself seems to have said very little publicly, though what he does say reveals his character, or lack thereof. On December 30, 2005, Craig Gregerson opened a MySpace account, but the first time he logged on was also his last; he doesn't leave much behind for interepretion. He filled out a few of the questions, however. To the question of "Children" he wrote "I don't want kids."

At the time his daughter Lilly was five months old.

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